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Calendar of Events - Youth Vibe Holiday Grants June/July 2014

Are you looking for some fun, engaging activities and developmental opportunities to do throughout the June/July holiday period? If so, check out the Calendar of Events and keep following us social media ( and for all things youth!

Click here for the Calendar of Events and Calendar of Events (RTF)

Calendar of Events

Check out what's going on during the year. The calendar reflects activities and events registered with the Office of Youth Affairs. It will also flag grant rounds and important dates for key programs areas including Chief Minister's Round Table and National Youth Week. Keep an eye on what's new to keep in the loop!

Do you have an event you would like to promote? Please fill out an event registration to have your event details posted.

Event registration form (PDF)

Event registration form (RTF)

Please report any issues and updates to

Check out what is happening in your region!

Calendar Darwin Roper Katherine Barkly Central Arnhem

More information on what communities are matched to the Google calendar colours



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